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last changeMon, 3 Oct 2022 21:24:25 +0000 (23:24 +0200)
2022-10-03 JTHBump version to 1.5 master
2022-10-03 JTHUse <dialog> instead of alert(), confirm(), prompt()
2022-10-03 JTHAdd a quickmod link for archiving a whole thread
2022-10-03 JTHTry to do some things concurrently
2022-10-03 JTHUse `[]` instead of `new Array()`
2022-10-03 JTHRedirect to archive if topic is gone
2022-10-03 JTHMove subject prefixing into separate function
2022-10-03 JTHOptionally handle confirmation directly in postForm()
2022-10-03 JTHRemove misplaced comment about getAttribute() usage
2022-10-03 JTH`return await` is redundant here
2022-10-03 JTHDon’t require a separate fetch() before calling openForm()
2022-09-16 JTHBump version to 1.4
2022-09-16 JTHMake all URLs absolute for fetching
2022-09-16 JTHShow an informative alert when the user was already...
2022-09-16 JTHOnly suggest user ban if user not already deleted
2022-09-03 ThorstenJTH: ban user, close mod notification
19 months ago master